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Bella Hero’s Success

October 27th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Bella, October 2010

Bella HERO’s’ Mission is to provide the powerful life-changing film to thousands of Pregnancy Care Centers throughout the United States.  Our goal is to give the movie Bella to any woman in an unplanned pregnancy that is making the most important decision in her life.

If you are a pregnancy care center and you are interested in using this powerful movie as a tool in your center, please click here to enter your information and we will be happy to send you an introductory kit.

Below is one of the now 200 success stories since we started giving out the movie Bella.

Hartford Pregnancy Center
A Friend’s Story

September 2010

The mom chose to: Carry and Parent

Circumstances of Pregnancy:
Laura was counseling a woman who had had three abortions and was planning to attend the center’s abortion recovery program. For some reason even though her friend was not pregnant, she gave her a Bella movie. “A few nights later this woman called me in tears,” said Laura. “She had heard from her sixteen year old daughter who had gone to live with her father. Her daughter informed her crying that she was pregnant and dad had kicked her out.

How did Bella play a part in the mother’s decision?
My friend said that if she had not seen Bella she would have advised her daughter to get an abortion as she had done. Instead, she told her daughter to come home and she would help her raise the baby.”