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Baby saved at Midtown abortion clinic

September 22nd, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

We were contacted by a young woman a few days ago who we met as she was going into Midtown Medical Clinic, the abortion clinic on St. Charles Ave. She is 19 weeks pregnant. She took the pro-life information and went into the clinic for her counseling session. She called us to tell us that she couldnt abort her baby. She had changed her mind! She has some needs. Her immediate need was paying her rent. I gave her the info for St. Vincent De Paul , but they could not help her. Apparently they are swamped with so many requests from people in need. We were able to help her with that need. She is looking for a job. Shes a medical transcriber, specializing in pediatric, psych, and OB/GYN transcription. She would do any kind of office work and also she has experience with tutoring school children.

We thank God that she decided for life for her unborn baby which is a result of so many people praying for the lives of the unborn to be spared. If anyone can help this pregnant woman please contact Pam Richard at 504-460-9360. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John and Pam Richard
Archdiocesan Sidewalk Counseling and Prayer Ministry

“I came here to schedule an abortion and instead I met God on the sidewalk.”

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John Barros (Pro Lifer from Florida)

Friday was a day much like any other, eight women went in to kill their babies. They were very cold and wouldn’t even take any materials. The counselors were praying and the preaching was about to begin when a young man, Augustus, came up to enter the clinic. He asked if this was the place that he could schedule an abortion for his sister Rosie? The counselors told him that there were other options. He said that his sister had a high risk pregnancy and that she was told to end it. The counselors showed other places that they could go. Read More »

Her Daughter is Now Two and is her Greatest Joy!

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By Rachel Adair
I was asked to speak at a women’s breakfast to kick off our baby bottle campaign at a local church. I was asked to talk about the role of the crisis pregnancy center in this community. After I finished speaking, a girl stood up and said that she would like to share her personal story of how the Northlake CPC impacted her life. When she stood up, I immediately recognized her as one of our clients.

She shared with the group that she had been invited to this church two weeks ago and read in the bulletin that they would be raising funds for our organization. She had not been involved with church for several years and saw this as a sign from the Lord. I was astonished by her bravery as she stood up to speak.

She had come to our center two years prior. She had recently moved to the area with her high school sweetheart who was transferred here. She became pregnant shortly after the move. Her boyfriend strongly encouraged her to abort. They went together to the abortion clinic in Metairie for a consultation and scheduled the abortion for later that week.

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Mission Statement – Pro Life Luncheon Group

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The pro-life luncheon group’s purpose is to bring together pro-life minded workers, to allow them a reprieve from the day to day battle of combating abortion.The group shares ideas and concepts that are successfully being implemented to save the lives of unborn babies. The monthly lunch meetings are open to all religious denominations. All attendees are encouraged to share their testimonies to encourage their fellow pro life workers. In addition to sharing their stories, each attendee is encouraged to reach out to the pro-life advocates that they don’t know, and help them in whatever way possible in the pro-life mission.

Send Us Your Stories So We Can Share

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This blog’s purpose is to share good news with our pro-life warriors.  All are welcome to send us stories of your very specific good news.  E-mail us at  robert@robertgcole.com.