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Her Daughter is Now Two and is her Greatest Joy!

September 1st, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

By Rachel Adair
I was asked to speak at a women’s breakfast to kick off our baby bottle campaign at a local church. I was asked to talk about the role of the crisis pregnancy center in this community. After I finished speaking, a girl stood up and said that she would like to share her personal story of how the Northlake CPC impacted her life. When she stood up, I immediately recognized her as one of our clients.

She shared with the group that she had been invited to this church two weeks ago and read in the bulletin that they would be raising funds for our organization. She had not been involved with church for several years and saw this as a sign from the Lord. I was astonished by her bravery as she stood up to speak.

She had come to our center two years prior. She had recently moved to the area with her high school sweetheart who was transferred here. She became pregnant shortly after the move. Her boyfriend strongly encouraged her to abort. They went together to the abortion clinic in Metairie for a consultation and scheduled the abortion for later that week.

On the morning of the appointment, she woke up to an empty house with a four-hundred dollar check sitting on the counter. Her boyfriend had left town for work and expected her to go through with the abortion alone!

She was angry, hurt, and scared.

She decided that she could not do it alone. That afternoon she shared what had happened with a co-worker. Her co-worker offered to take her to the Northlake CPC. I vividly remember her arrival. She seemed so heartbroken. She met with our nurse, received an ultrasound, and after a few weeks of thinking and praying, she decided to choose life!

Her daughter is now two years old and is her greatest joy.

She is no longer with the father of the baby, but he has taken an active role in his daughter’s life. After the breakfast I thanked her for her bravery. She responded by thanking me. “My daughter is alive today because of the love and support I received at the Northlake CPC.”

I hope that this story will bless you as it has blessed me. Thank you for equipping us to do God’s work in this community. Please continue to pray for this ministry, as we will continue to pray for you.

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