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“I came here to schedule an abortion and instead I met God on the sidewalk.”

September 5th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

John Barros (Pro Lifer from Florida)

Friday was a day much like any other, eight women went in to kill their babies. They were very cold and wouldn’t even take any materials. The counselors were praying and the preaching was about to begin when a young man, Augustus, came up to enter the clinic. He asked if this was the place that he could schedule an abortion for his sister Rosie? The counselors told him that there were other options. He said that his sister had a high risk pregnancy and that she was told to end it. The counselors showed other places that they could go.

While this was going on Heather was called and she was already on the phone with Rosie. Heather phoned others and put out the word on the internet about Augustus and Rosies problem. She was able to secure an appointment for Monday with a High Risk Pregnancy Doctor that donates his time to these problems.

Ursulah drove Augustus to a Christian Pregnancy Center and Theresa stayed Praying for the others inside.  After hearing The Gospel & speaking with the counselors Augustus began walking to the car, He turned and said, I came here to schedule an abortion and instead I met God on the sidewalk”.

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