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Once a Hardened Heart, Now a Happy Mom

October 27th, 2010 Posted in October 2010

by Rachel Adair

This past spring we received a call from a woman named Emily who wanted to come to our center to discuss her options.  When she came in, she was visibly pregnant and seemed very distraught.  She shared with Lydia, our nurse, that she wanted to have an abortion.  This was particularly upsetting because she appeared to be quite far along in her pregnancy.  Lydia began to ask her some questions about her situation.  Emily shared that she was not certain about the father of the baby, but the man whom she suspected was abusive and frightening.  She had experienced an unplanned pregnancy as a teen and was very wounded by the outcome of that situation.  Although Lydia provided education and counsel on adoption, Emily felt strongly opposed to this idea and regarded abortion as her only option.

As you can imagine, this was a very tough case.  Lydia offered Emily an ultrasound and she agreed.  Lydia was able to determine that Emily was 20 weeks pregnant and that she was having a baby boy. At 20 weeks, a mother is able to see the baby’s eyes, nose, mouth, fingers, toes, and intricate movements such as yawning, thumb sucking, and wrinkling of the forehead.  Lydia expected that Emily would easily bond with the baby boy on the screen.  Lydia asked if she would like to know the sex of the baby.  Emily refused.  She also declined ultrasound pictures.  These refusals are generally not a good sign and left Lydia and our staff feeling hopeless.  Emily did agree to let Lydia test her for a panel of sexually transmitted diseases.  It is recommended that women be tested prior to having an abortion, and our center offers this service free of charge.  The one-week wait for test results would offer us an opportunity to see Emily again, and gave her time to further consider her decision. Emily was thankful for her visit, but left our center determined to have an abortion.  Our staff began to diligently pray that the Lord would use this time to change her heart.  We were elated when she showed up for her results appointment.  After receiving her results, Emily told Lydia that she had made an appointment at the abortion clinic and she was sure of her decision.  Lydia offered her another ultrasound, but she refused.  Again, our staff began to pray for Gods intervention.  We felt that we had done everything that we knew to do.  The Lord was going to have to work a miracle in her heart.  On the day of her appointment at the abortion clinic, Lydia gave Emily a follow–up call.  Emily answered.  She seemed very desperate, and was frantically asking Lydia questions about the abortion procedure.  Then, out of the blue, she asked Lydia if she could come in for another ultrasound to see the sex of the baby!  We were astonished!  Emily came in and saw her 22-week baby boy dancing around in her womb.  This time she took the pictures.  For the remainder of her pregnancy, she came to our center regularly for maternity clothes, counseling, pre-natal education, and parenting classes.  We even had the privilege of visiting her and the baby in the hospital.  Words cannot describe the love that Emily feels for her son and the joy that she has experienced as a mother. We are honored to have been a part of her journey.  *Names have been changed*

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